2013/Spring: Reviews and Interviews


Instructed by Michele Carlson.
This course will engage with “the review” from the perspective of producers, consumers, and critics. We will explore different methods and styles fitting to the wide variety of practices and approaches that artists and writers have adapted to respond to the visual world. We will not only concentrate on writing and interpreting the “formal art review,” but will also study the many forms and functions of writing about visual production, such as the interview, online writing, art criticism vs. art reviewing, catalog essays, profiles, creative responses, and artists writings. A wide range of strategies will be introduced for interpreting and building these diverse writings, including voice, style, and form. The goal is to aggressively develop and challenge the way we write about art, as well as to understand the professional landscape of art writing. With this in mind, students will also be exposed to the process of writing pitches, interpreting audience, and analyzing their writing within the vast landscape of current mainstream to academic publications. This is a writing and reading intensive course.