04.03.19 / Nassima Sahraoui


Nassima Sahraoui

Fellow, Forschungsinstitut für Philosophie, Hannover, Germany

April 3, 2019

CCA’s Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (360 Kansas Street, San Francisco)

“Fractures of Loss and Resistance – Physics of the Body”

Nassima Sahraouiis a researcher based in Frankfurt, Germany. She was a Fellow at the Forschungsinstitut für PhilosophieHannover (fiph) and previously taught in Goethe University’s Comparative Literature Department in Frankfurt and at the Co-operative State University Baden Wurttemberg.  Her areas of research are political theory, history of philosophy and philosophy of history, social philosophy, intersections between literature and philosophy, materialism and metaphysics, and deconstruction.  She is co-organiser of two international workshop series: one on Walter Benjamin’s philosophy and the other on the notion of violence. Her publications include articles on Derrida, Benjamin, Heidegger, democracy, messianism, labour and otium, and the relation between philology and philosophy.  She co-edited an anthology on the concept of idleness Kleine Philosopie der Faulheit (Frankfurt, 2012), a special edition of the Oxford Literary Review “The Present of Deconstruction” (Edinburgh, 2014) as well as the volume Thinking in Constellations: Walter Benjamin in the Humanities (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018).  Currently, she is publishing a book, in which she deconstructs the notion of dynamis through several steps in the history of philosophy (Bielefeld, forthcoming).  Additionally, she is working on an interdisciplinary project on forms and figures of resistance.

*This event will take place at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (360 Kansas Street). It is co-sponsored by CCA’s Visual Studies Program.