09.23.2009 / Critical Race Roundtable

Visual & Critical Studies Forum
Wednesday, September 23, 10 am – 12 pm
Boardroom, San Francisco campus

This forum offers an opportunity to explore applications of critical race theory in the analysis of visual culture and to think about the ways that racial politics operate in the cultural domain more generally. Roundtable presenters include: Jacqueline Francis, art historian whose work deploys critical race theory in the visual arena; Jordana Moore Saggese who specializes in contemporary art with–attention to the visual culture of African Americans and the African diaspora, performance art, identity politics, postcolonial theory, as well as the
intersections among musical, visual, and literary practices; and Max Leung, an activist and organizer who’s research interests are hate violence studies, critical race studies, law and society, poststructuralism, Asian American history, politics and culture, and visual and popular culture.