10.26.2016 / Jackie Francis Co-curates Where is Here at MOAD


Where Is Here

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD)

Oct. 26, 2016-Apr. 2, 2017

Curated by Jacqueline Francis and Kathy Zarur

Where Is Here evokes the real and conceptual space through which we travel. The exhibition presents the works of contemporary artists who are developing personal and engaged visual and musical systems to claim, make, and describe space. The imagery is both straightforward and poetic.

The represented body stands off-stage in this exhibition. Instead, the spotlight is on art that is of “the everyday” and points to the everyday experience.

The terrain of Where Is Here is international in its scope. For several of the exhibiting artists, the San Francisco Bay Areaʼs changing landscape and the politics around it are pressing concerns that they address in their projects.

Participating Artists:

Asya Abdrahman

La Vaughn Belle

Allan deSouza

Broun Fellinis

Christopher Cozier

Thierry Fontaine

David Huffman

Olalekan Jeyifous

Adia Millett

Ingrid Pollard