2015/SPRING: Unspoken Words


Claudia Bernardi unspoken words

Instructed by Claudia Bernardi.
‘To modify the past is not only to modify a single account: it is to annul its consequences, that tend to be infinite’ ‘Modificar el pasado no es modificar un solo hecho: es anular sus concecuencias, que tienden a ser infinitas’ “The Other Death”, El Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges This course will focus on the merging fields of photography, literature, poetry, art and human rights investigating memory, time and chance as a cultural mutant cartography that defines culture. Looking at the recent history of Latin America, this class will examine the work of artists, scholars and activists that use strategies of beauty to refer to violence and state terror. Photo documentation, war images, forensic evidences, and legal documents will be introduced as a way to juxtapose a reality of damage to the determination of creativity.