2016 Spring Symposium

Spring Symposium 2016 Poster

Spring Symposium 2016

April 23, 2016
12:30 – 5:30 pm

Timken Lecture Hall

San Francisco

Ekin Balcioğlu
Deciphering the Indecipherable: It for Others as a Possibility

Jesus Barraza
Lowriding as Social Form: Anishinaabe Grandfather Teachings as Decolonial Vehicles of Resistance

Sienna Freeman
Pulled, Stitched, and Stuffed: Materiality and the Abject in Dorothea Tanning’s Soft Sculptures

Tanya Gayer
Archives and Algorithms: Compressing Sociohistorical Distance

Elena Gross
The Body Remains: The Felt/Photography of Lorna Simpson

Bryndis Hafthorsdottir
Icelandic Art, Because There Is Such a Thing

Mailee Hung
Beyond the Cyborg: Prosthesis, Semiosis, and Survival

Veronica Jackson
Restructuring Respectability, Gender, and Power: Aida Overton Walker Performs Modernity

Forrest McGarvey
A Sight to Be Held: The Simulated Screen Experience

Eden Redmond
Keeping in Touch