2017 Spring Symposium




April 22, 2017
10:00 – 3:00 pm

Timken Lecture Hall

San Francisco


Angela Berry

W(h)etting the Word


Jamee Crusan

The Double Edge of Visibility and Invisibility: Cassils and Queer Exhaustion


Kristin Landowski

Picturing Dis-Ease: The Imagery of Breast Cancer in Pink-Ribbon Culture and the Final Works of Jo Spence


Carolina Magis Weinberg

Rivane Neuenschwander ‘s Accents / Accenting Rivane Neuenschwander


Gilda Posada

Advertising Xicanx: Decolonizing through the Visual Public Sphere


Becca Roy-O’Gorman

Constructed Encounters: Performance and the Colonial Gaze in Three Massachusetts Museums


Lindsay Tunkl

Tragic Optimism: Angst, Affect and Affirmation in the work of Dario Robleto


Amanda Walters

Constructing Tropical Paradise: The South Florida Narrative That Stuck