12.16.2011 / Abby Chen’s Curatorial Project on View in Shanghai

From December 16, 2011-January 10, 2012, Abby Chen‘s (MA VCS, 2011) latest curatorial project, Women, will be on view in Shanghai. Featuring: Eagle Ho/Li Zhe, Gao Ling/Comma, Gao Zhan, He Chengyao, Liang Liting, Lin Minyi, Luo Le, Yang Meiyan, Yang Qing, Stella Zhang, Zhang Xiaojing, 10 Feminists–Shout! Group, with Debut work Moth by Mu Xi. As the debut exhibit for Shanghai EMG, WOMEN我们 is also the official exhibition for the Conference of Global Chinese Women and Visual Representation, organized by University of Michigan and Journalism School of Fudan University, and sponsored By Center for Chinese Studies at University of Michigan.“WOMEN我们 tend to seek and listen to those individual noises that often fade in the backgrounds. What I care about is whether the work can present a new discourse; if the work can help understand today’s gender space, as well as extend the imagination of what’s known as the reality.” – Abby Chen