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About Aimee LeDuc’s Thesis Project

Aimee LeDuc

The Frame Around a Photograph—The Photo Inside the Frame

This thesis project is a collection of essays revolving around the photograph and how we use this object as a tool to both represent and construct our self-awareness. The first essay explores the relationships between objects and our identities, specifically how a photograph as a temporal object allows us to reckon with our inability to reexperience the past in real time. Pictures are the material we use to build our personal narratives and evolving histories.The second essay is a detailed reading of both Catherine Wagner's Home and Other Stories and Pepon Osorio's installation Badge of Honor. These artists offer us an opportunity to reexamine how we determine meaning in our domestic spaces through the personal photograph. Their work pulls from the visual imagery of everyday life, history, religion, myth, and popular culture. By simultaneously considering Osorio's and Wagner's work along with our own spaces of home, we are able to view some of the ways in which larger, cultural concepts of identity inform our own histories.The final essay is an account of interviews I performed in a variety of homes. From these intimate encounters, I delve into people's spaces to critically investigate messy, strange, and stunning examples of how the photograph functions at home.

Excerpts from the first and last essays are included in this catalog.

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