10.3.2013 / Canadian Journal of Disability Studies Features Virtual Exhibition Curated by Amanda Cachia

Image from Katherine Araniello's "Sick, Bitch, Crip Dance."

Image from Katherine Araniello’s “Sick, Bitch, Crip Dance.”

Cripping Cyberspace: A Contemporary Virtual Art Exhibition is an online exhibition curated by Amanda Cachia (MA, 2012). This exhibition was recently published by the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (vol 2. No 4 2013). 

Cripping Cyberspace offers four diverse, newly commissioned projects, exploring the possibilities the virtual platform offers to pave critical space for the disabled subject. This exhibit has been designed to allow for multiple avenues of access: the video interviews or audio descriptions, their transcripts, the artists’ statements, the critical perspectives, and the art itself should be seen as equal and integral tools for the cripping of cyberspace.

The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies is Published by the Canadian Disability Studies Association-Association Canadienne des Études sur l’Incapacité, and is hosted and supported by the University of Waterloo.