Carolina Magis Weinberg

Carolina Magis Weinberg (Mexico City 1990) is an expert in confettï and a sight specific artist. She earned her undergraduate degree as a visual artist from the National School of Painting, Engraving, and Sculpture “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City, in 2013. She is now pursuing a dual degree: an MA in VCS and an MFA in Fine Arts from CCA. She is a Fulbright scholar, a recipient of the Hamaguchi scholarship award, as well as a FONCA-Conacyt awardee. Her work has been exhibited in France, Colombia, Germany, the United States, and Mexico. During her time at CCA she has been interested in the structures of belonging or not belonging that operate in visual productions and language. Similarly, she has become increasingly aware of how someone’s accent can immediately determine their inhabiting a space as local or foreign. In deep connection with these thoughts, her current VCS thesis project will focus on the work of Rivane Neuenschwander in the contemporary art world, and the possibility of regaining agency in the representation of oneself’s identity through the accent.



About Carolina Magis Weinberg’s Thesis Project


Carolina Magis Weinberg

Rivane Neuenschwander 's Accents / Accenting Rivane Neuenschwander

This thesis borrows the linguistic phenomenon of the accent to analyze how visual art is inflected by conditions of reception and display. Two videos by the Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander —The Tenant and Sunday (both 2010)—are considered as consciously accented productions that seek to reclaim the artist’s agency and voice as a maker navigating expectations in the international art world. Neuenschwander’s midcareer solo exhibitions in New York (2010) and São Paulo (2014) are also examined in regard to the notion of tenancy as a metaphor for relations of transient or displaced occupancy as experienced by contemporary global artists.


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