Chalsty Aesthetics and Philosophy Forum

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
7pm in Timken Lecture Hall
Discussing “The Aesthetics that Environs”
Featuring Adam Konopka (Fordham University)

The Chalsty Aesthetics and Philosophy Initiative will reinforce the college’s longstanding commitment to academic excellence. Thanks to a $300,000 grant from the Chalsty Foundation, CCA will implement an extensive program to ensure that every graduate achieves literacy in aesthetics and related fields.

Plans call for an endowed professorship in aesthetics and philosophy, public programs such as lectures and symposia, library enhancements, faculty development and research support, and an annual award for scholarship to advance the field.

With a generous gift of $150,000 from a CCA trustee, the California Initiative will launch a series of new programs aimed at confronting the major challenges facing Californians over the next 20 years.

Through academic courses, investigative studios, and public programs, CCA students and faculty across all disciplines will examine, conduct research, and develop strategies for such issues as the environment, global warming, sustainability, economic policies, social problems, government, and education.