Each graduating student’s future helps to define exactly what is so vivid about pursuing the Visual and Critical Studies degree. Because of the relative newness of the field, every VCS alumnus plays a crucial role in shaping visual studies’ eminent trajectory. CCA’s Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies serves as a foundation for post-graduate explorations in a variety of academic, artistic, and entrepreneurial disciplines. The past accomplishments and current projects of the VCS alumni community demonstrates the depth in which the VCS program informs and transforms the world of visual culture.


Alumni Award

The VisCrit Alumni Award has been established to annually recognize an alumni whose work after graduation from CCA exemplifies the interdisciplinary values of the VCS program and the dedication and scholarship demanded within the broader field of Visual and Critical Studies. This award recognizes the innovative and diverse ways VCS graduates mobilize the skills they honed and the ideas they germinated while at CCA in a broad range of creative and professional arenas, further evidencing the versatility of the degree and the luminosity of this community.

Alumni Happenings