Andrea Dooley, VCS Alumni Award winner of 2016, completed an MA in Visual and Critical Studies at CCA in 2006. Andrea’s master’s thesis, “It Seemed the Earth Could Not Hold Them: Public Genocide Memorials in Rwanda,” interrogated emerging strategies of memorialization and public discourse. Building on her research in Rwanda, she went on to earn a PhD in Cultural Studies with a Designated Emphasis in African and African American Studies from the University of California Davis. Focusing on genocide museums and memorials in Rwanda, her work considers genocide museum and memorial spaces that are offered up as strategies to foster a unified Rwandaness, in an attempt to create cohesive community relations and shape post-conflict national identity. Her research interrogates how questions of memory, the negotiation of difference in aftermath of conflict, national belonging and identity are mobilized in public spaces where genocide museums and memorials are at the center of the complex relations of history, memory, mourning and identity. However, her work finds that these same strategies are undone in a real world of social, communal and political relations, creating fluidity, tension and generative instability in the real spaces those relations occupy. Her most recent essay, published in the Journal of Human Rights, is ‘We are All Rwandans’: Repatriation, National Identity and the Plight of Rwanda’s Children. Andrea is currently Visiting Faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies/Critical Studies and is at work on a book submitted and currently under peer review at Roman Littlefield Press titled Implicated Geographies: Public Memory, Post-Conflict Imaginaries and the Remaking of the Rwandan Citizen.