Rebekah Edwards teaches workshops in poetry and courses in Queer Poetics and literature, Visual & Cultural Studies and Gender Studies. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and a Ph.D in English with a Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality both from U.C. Berkeley. Her dissertation proposed a counter-archival poetics as a methodology for reading accounts of early 20th century investigations of fraudulent embodiment. She has written and given talks on this work, most recently, “’This is Not a Girl’: Affective Productions of Criminal Embodiment” which discusses an 1917 annotated photograph from the scrapbooks of San Francisco Police chief Jesse Cook. In an article for the Australian Feminist Quarterly called: “ The Counter Archive of Elizabeth Neilsen” Edwards discusses the way a 1906 investigation of a women accused of being “a professional prostitute, blackmailer and pervert” is turned against the detective who is surveilling her. Edwards is the co-editor with Ajuan Mance, Kirstan Saxton and Julian Carter of an anthology of trans-literary criticism and is writing an article, “’Negroes, Jews and people like me’: Dis-assimilation in Jo Sinclair’s The Wasteland,” that examines Sinclair’s utopian and psychoanalytic response to mid-20th century U.S. racism and homophobia.

Edwards book of poetry Then’s Elsewhere (2011) has been noted for exploring language “as if it was a topographical location” and for its “delicately balanced spinning tops mode of address”. She is currently at work on a book about the poetics of call and response written in seven sections as a series of antiphones, one for each of the corporeal mercies.