Courtney Trouble

Photographer, performance artist, writer, and co-founder of the queer porn movement. They are a graduate of the MFA Studio Arts program (2017) and currently enrolled in Visual and Critical Studies for a second distinct degree. They coined the term “queer porn” in 2003 to describe the unique work they were making outside the influence of the adult industry and have had a major influence on academic studies on pornography as well as industry policies on queer bodies and inclusion. They own a porn production company where they produce and distribute the explicit film and photo works of queer artists.

“My intellectual agenda is to add queer stories to the canons of art, history, and academia. It is born from the desire to create pictures and stories about myself and my people – my queers, my fatties, my witches, my fellow sex workers – who tend to be some of the most vulnerable in the country.

My interest in art history, social justice, and sexuality have carried through my entire life. In high school I was consistently involved in HIV awareness from 1996-2000 as a peer educator and made feminist zines inspired by Alison Wolfe and Nomy Lamm. Throughout high school and college I lived in a darkroom and specialized in portraiture, self-portraiture, erotica, and nightlife photography. I was hired as Editor of Arts & Entertainment of the school paper from 1998-2000 and interviewed musicians (including Wolfe!) in Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. I fell in love with Olympia and ended up at Evergreen State College where I studied photography and memoirs and played in shitty electroclash bands downtown during the summer.

I discovered early on (age 18, in my first apartment) that sex work gave me the time and money to make art, so a lot of art happened while I was waiting for “College Co-Eds” dispatches. I started making pictures of me and other folks getting naked which led to the birth of my site, NoFauxxx.Com, “Subversive Smut for Ladies Artists and Queers,” in the alt porn internet frenzy that was 2002. Before that, I was invested in fat activism and started an online zine called Fat Girl Break Down, and one of my first features was an interview with Nomy Lamm, who became a mentor to me. I toured the country with her pop opera Effigy at age 20 as a burlesque performer.”

Contact: courtneytrouble {at} gmail

Recent Writing:

Daily Serving June 2017 Review, “Larry Sultan: Editorial Works at Casemore Kirkeby”

MFA Thesis: Queer Chaos (Mythology, Taxonomy, and Alchemy)

Autostraddle August 2017 Feature, “Chelsea Poe’s ‘Inauthentic Masterpiece’ and Earnest Integrity”

Recent Artworks:

CCA MFA Thesis Exhibition, Fused Gallery: Queer Porn Archive, Images and Synopses

Art Practical January 2017 Review of Group Show: Get Lost

SOMArts Exhibition, Group Show: Touch On (Fisted Ceramics)


Portfolio Links:

Photography Portfolio & Photo Projects


Selected Writing at CourtneyTrouble.Com


This really happened:

2014 Permanent Collection Inauguration, Berlin Gay Museum, 5 photographic works.

2015 Speaking Engagement, Stanford University, “New Uses of the Erotic” presentation.

2015 Photography Published, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, by Laura Erickson-Schroth, p. 361. Image captioned “Vancouver”
2017 MFA in Studio Practice/Photography, California College of the Arts

2009 Solo Show, Seventh Heart Gallery, San Francisco.

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