Ekin Kalayci

Ekin Kalayci graduated from the University of Bilkent in Ankara, Turkey with BFA in Graphic Design. Her research interests include psychoanalytic theory, westernization and modernization movements in early republican Turkey.

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About Ekin Kalayci’s Thesis Project

Ekin Kalayci

Making the New Turkish Woman from the Fantasy of the Modern West: Deciphering Images of Female Bodies in Early Republican Era Turkish Popular Magazines (1923–1945)

The popular press served to reconstruct the female body as an integral part of Turkish westernization, a process that began in 1923 in the first decades of the nation’s establishment upon the remains of the Ottoman Empire. Images of Western women appeared copiously in popular magazines, carving out a new body for the new Turkish woman. This project explores how the Western female body was imagined in the popular Turkish press, and how this imaginary construction served to both change the Turkish woman and regulate that change. These changes, and the regulation of the changes, were central to executing the simultaneous undertakings of nation making and modernizing. This research looks at the fabrication of “ideal” and “other” identities through the female body, and how the process was run from the privileged power position of the male Turkish intelligentsia.

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