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Elena Gross is currently a candidate for a Masters degree in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. She received her Bachelors degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland where she studied Art History and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Though she claims to be a Native Washingtonian, boasting a family residence in Washington DC going back at least four generations, she was actually born and raised just outside of DC in Maryland.

Elena is interested in liminal space and dichotomies, particularly between public and private space, visibility and invisibility and “norm” and “other.” She currently explores these interests through interdisciplinary study and by spending far too much time on the internet and watching (questionable) television. She approaches visual culture with humor and insight, with a palate ranging from Nicki Minaj to Lee Krasner.


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Elena Gross

The Body Remains: The Felt/Photography of Lorna Simpson

In the 1990s, artists were responding to a pervasive cultural interest in identity and difference within postmodern art. Conceptual photographer Lorna Simpson had become known for her effusive portraiture of racial and gendered subjects, with specific focus on hair and the black female body. Breaking away from traditional photography, Simpson began exploring materiality and installation through serigraphy, a photographic screen printing process, to develop new dialogues about the relationship between identity and the body. Through analysis of two series of photographs printed onto felt, this project posits that Simpson challenged the way visual culture at the time was conceptualizing identity.

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