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Emily Clark

In (visible) Passed Discretion and Subtle Acts of Terrorism among the Worried Well. Artists use Medical Imaging Technologies, What of I.T.?

When artists use medical imaging technologies the conflation of these ever more intricate and elaborate technologies and their emergence in art practice skews the view of the body under medical examination and asks it to be seen using terms that are most commonly used in art world terms such as 'metaphoric', 'iconic' and 'image'. With this in mind the question is whether the body in medicine is really present or is it the representation of the medical body?

Looking predominantly at the Western reading of the body it has been found that the collaboration is curious between the medical and the art world and rests largely to do with our cultural responses to our own bodies and incorporates our fears and our beliefs as well as and importantly, our functioning legal systems. What lies outside the initial physical outward appearance of the body is given over to machines that scan the body and proceed to render the three dimensional representation thereby conjuring up another body that is used as a frame of reference. What this new frame of reference is becomes representative of us and allows movements towards pre-emptive surgery and various other projections of pathologies. But what do we have to say about this and more interestingly do we want to know more or can we let the experts read the information given by these designed technologies? The subject studies the practice of computer design compared with drawing, photography with talking/text and the didactic nature of societies that deal with an institutionalized body.

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