2014/Fall: Art Practical


Instructed by the founding editor of Art Practical, Patricia Maloney.

This project-based course explores the collective and subjective positions that art criticism might take as well as how and to whom those positions are directed. Participating students will analyze various stances on critical discourse and participate in the production of an issue for the online publication, Art Practical. The journal was founded in 2009 to promote critical dialogue within the Bay Area art scene and to foster artistic production through writing and public programming. Students will think about how divergent audiences engage with the same subject and how language and form might construct a set of shared reference points. After surveying the history of art journals and artist-produced periodicals, students will explore the translation and transformation of print publication tropes to online publishing, including how circulation manifests in the digital realm and how temporality is defined. Digital media will be analyzed for its real and imagined capacities to flatten social hierarchies and erase geographic boundaries. Throughout the course, students will produce content for Art Practical, evaluate the ways in which the publication converses with its readers, and acquire practical skills vital to the production of online publications.