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Janessa Post is an arts writer, curator, and critic interested in projects that engage with social issues such as ecology, community, and identity. Originally from Seattle, she holds a BA in Art History from San Diego State University as well as a MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts. Janessa has worked at numerous arts nonprofits and galleries throughout California, including her current positions as Gallery Assistant at Creativity Explored and curator of Edo Salon & Gallery.

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About Janessa Post’s Thesis Project

Janessa Post

A Critical Re-Vision: American Consumerism Through the Lens of Creative Reuse

Creative reuse is ubiquitous in contemporary visual culture: Artists make new works out of unwanted plastic and junk mail, reuse centers supply makers with goods that would otherwise become landfill, and retail stores sell bottle-cap magnets and wine-bottle lights. But moving beyond the production of unusual objects using products that have already been consumed once and discarded, how can we leverage the new consciousness of sustainability this practice fosters to revamp our consumption habits as an entire culture? Through analyses of the work of artist Aurora Robson, the International Plastic Quilt Project, and the nonprofit SCRAP, this project makes a case that creative reuse facilitates interactions with manufactured consumer goods that can challenge the wasteful and destructive consumption habits that dominate American culture.

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