Jordan Reznick

Jordan is a photographer, researcher and writer. She holds an MFA in Photography and an MA in Visual & Critical Studies from California College of the Arts, as well as a BFA in Photography from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Her written and visual work examine the aesthetic experience of human vulnerability in the photograph as a site for the unanticipated undoings of perception and knowledge that accompany historical shifts in the relationships of humans to each other.www[dot]jordanreznick[dot]com

About Jordan Reznick’s Thesis Project

Jordan Reznick

Imperceptible Politics: The Photograph and the Aesthetic Experience

Photographs can reinforce normative understandings of the world, or they can constitute a clash, disrupting their own role in the daily flow of information. This project looks at the work of Taryn Simon through the lens of aesthetic philosophy. As her photographs expose sites hidden from public view, they also gesture towards that which is imperceptible in the contemporary domain of knowledge. It is not easy to see or show something new. It is not as if we could just open our eyes and pay attention to discover the imperceptible and snap a picture of it, for it is obscured by complex relationships between institutions, economics, social norms and modes of classification. Instead, the photograph’s politics emerge from the tension between the seen and unseen; the said and unsaid; the known and unknown, allowing for an adventure beyond the confines of the contemporary ordering of knowledge to perceive the imperceptible.

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