Kira Dominguez Hultgren


Kira Dominguez Hultgren is a California, Utah, and Minnesota based writer and textile artist. She studied French postcolonial theory and literature at Princeton University (B.A. Comparative Literature, 2003), and performance and fine arts in Río Negro, Argentina. From 2010-2012, she toured with an international women’s storytelling troupe, and was a featured teller at the Epuyén Regional Festival in Patagonia. While in Patagonia, she apprenticed with master weaver Mary Coronado, where Dominguez Hultgren studied the process and history of indigenous warp-faced weaving of Mallín Ahogado on a Mapuche vertical post loom.

Today, Dominguez Hultgren combines her interests in postcolonial theory, oral storytelling, and weaving, as she seeks to decolonialize the family stories of racial identity she grew up hearing and repeating. “It’s Like Hawaii with an L” is her most recent body of work and is dedicated to Dominguez Hultgren’s maternal grandmother. It explores socially constructed cultural affiliations through census data documentation, the history of racial hierarchies, and critical hypodescent theory.

In her second year at California College of the Arts, Dominguez Hultgren is earning a dual-degree MFA/MA in Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies.