Kristin Timken

About Kristin Timken’s Thesis Project

Kristin Timken

Performing Landscapes: The Politics of Possibility

Performing Landscapes:The Politics of Possibility is an analysis of the spatial perceptions, structuring apparatuses, and race relations that shape the rural landscape of the north central Sierra Nevada foothills. Through the lens of a salmon-honoring ceremony, I address the politics of authenticity, coalition building, and place-based identities. The ceremony is an annual event hosted by a group of Tsi-Akim Maidu Indians in collaboration with the environmental group the South Yuba River Citizens League and members from the surrounding foothill communities. I scrutinize geographic praxis in order to determine how, when, and for whom boundaries were drawn in the Western landscape. Through my investigation of the contested identities of “Indian,” “green,” and “local,” I uncover alliances across difference within the provocative space of performance.

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