Matthew Harrison Tedford

1169Matthew Harrison Tedford is a San Francisco–based writer concerned with the politics of contemporary culture. His writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, DailyServing, Wilder Quarterly, Glance (California College of the Arts), the Oakland Standard (Oakland Museum of California), Open Space (SFMOMA), Poor Taste Magazine, and other publications. He was formerly a senior editor for Art Practical, where he still contributes. Matthew holds an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts and a BA in Philosophy from University of California, Santa Cruz. Matthew has curated two exhibitions at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco and co-organized a series of performances at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. He is currently making a feature-length documentary and was recently award fiscal sponsorship through the San Francisco Film Society.
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About Matthew Harrison Tedford’s Thesis Project

Matthew Harrison Tedford

Tactics of Engagement in Art: Politics, Pluralism, and Program

This project seeks to uncover the nature of politics as a means for understanding what makes a work of art political. A political phenomenon possesses four primary dimensions: expressive, conflictual, regulatory, and ephemeral. What kinds of art practices are most capable of exhibiting these political dimensions? How would this look? Public Ad Campaign’s 2009 New York Street Advertising Takeover, a temporary guerilla street art project, was such a work, serving to create a discourse about the use of public space in New York City. It is used here to illustrate the principles of politics and how they can be applied practically to a work of art.

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