META/DATA: Art, technology and Queer Identity


META/DATA: Art, technology and Queer Identity
(co-sponsored by the Magnes Museum, Queer Cultural Center and part of the on-going QCcA series).
Tuesday, November 10
Timken Lecture Hall 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Metadata is a term used primarily in the field of digital information management to refer to the structure of an organization’s use of information. Metadata reveals (and conceals) the ways in which institutions make knowledge available to the public.

Three Bay Area artists (E. G. Crichton, Rudy Lemcke, and Nomi Talisman) will discuss their recent projects at the intersection of institutional politics of information and the construction of queer identity. All three have worked with a variety of institutional archives and historical materials to open unexplored, left-behind, and invisible knowledge. Digital technology, like queer identity, is opened and queried in their work.

Cosponsored by CCA’s Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies, the Judah L. Magnes Museum, Queer Conversations in Culture and the Arts, and the Queer Cultural Center. Introductions by Tina Takemoto (CCA) and Alla Efimova (Judah L. Magnes Museum). Panel moderator: Tirza True Latimer (CCA).