Rebecca Imrich


Becca Imrich is currently pursing a dual degree MA in Visual & Critical Studies and MFA in Studio Practice at CCA.

Currently her work has taken the form of studies, pseudo-architectural plans, and visual catalogues of information. She is compelled to approach phenomena with beginner’s mind, decoding through visual processing.

Prior to CCA, she worked in the education department at Aperture Foundation where she helped develop Aperture’s Visual Literacy Curriculum, Aperture On Sight, and created educational resources to accompany Aperture’s exhibitions and publications.

She looks forward to continuing to develop her artistic practice as a scaffold for synthesizing information across disciplines, and bridging the gap between her undergraduate studies in sociology and visual art by weaving in historical, social, and political frameworks to interpret the visual world.

She is a member of the Secret Society of Ghostscouts.



Aperture On Sight Curriculum:

Secret Society of Ghostscouts: