Sex, Gender, & Queer Theory Symposium


Monday, December 10, 2012, 12-3pm in the Boardroom

Presented by students from Tina Takemoto’s class and organized for the Graduate Seminar in Visual Critical Studies, three panels shared current research with a short Q&A afterward.

Panel 1
Sexual Autonomy & Administrative Violence
(Moderated by Becca Roy)

Calder Yates, Queer/ Conservative: Common Skepticisms of Universalizing Claims to Reason
Valeriya Fateycheva, Hatred Based on Misunderstanding and Transphobia

Panel 2
Weaving New Contexts: Writing Temporalities, Coalitions and Intimacies
(Moderated by Valeriya Fateycheva)

Lauren Marie Taylor, Aliens and Avatars: Hope and Heterotopia in Queer Sci-Fi
Maureen Burdock, The F Word Project: Building Coalitions Through Comics
Indira Allegra, Praxis Texere: Orientation to Intimacy and the Anatomy of Woven Text

Panel 3
Inventing, Presenting, Resenting: Performing Drag to Reconfigure Recognition
(Moderated by Lauren Marie Taylor)

Becca Roy, Gay Men Invented Swag: Gender Personas in the Work of Mykki Blanco and the House of LaDosha
Emily Kuhlmann, Resistance as Illegibility: Interrogating the Unintelligibility in the Work of Wu Tsang and CHISTEENE