Sightlines 2003

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Anjee Helstrup-Alvarez
Homeland Insecurities: Diaspora and the Public Sphere

Berin Golonu
Sited on Paper: A Defining View of Artist’s Publications

Aimee LeDuc
The Frame Around the Photograph–The Photo Inside the Frame

Dacia Mitchell
Furnishing Desire: Issues of Racial Identity and Consumption in IKEA’s Advertising

Timothy Moore
Un/Framing the Golden Gate Bridge: 4 Viewers + 2 Places

Elizabeth Mulholland
Zebras and UFOs: The Cooperative Vandalism and Hybridity of Torolab’s Torovestimenta

Amber Whiteside
Laura Ashley Colors and Gumball Nipples: Consumption and Desire in the work of Lisa Yuskavage