Sightlines 2012


Simone Bailey
Disappear Here: Performing through Documentation

Levi Barringer
Other Topologies: Transversal Power across the Body-Map

Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik
The Edible Text: Representational Strategies in the Art of Micheal Rakowitz

Angela Braren
Curating Himself: The Simson/Tose Dioramas at the California Academy of Sciences

Amanda Cachia
What Can a Body Do? Inscribing and Adjusting Experiences of Disability in Contemporary Art

Casey Carroll
No Looking Back: Putting the Pastoral out to Pasture

Emily Doman
30 Americans: Challenging Institutional Framing for the Presentation of Black American Artists

Robert Gomez
A New Visual Regime: Narco Warfare through Social Media

Susan Miller
Carter: A Couple of Random Characters in Search of an Author

Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa
Persistence and Embodiment in Argentina’s Visual Politics of Rememberance

Janessa Post
Creative Reuse and the Re-Visioning of American Consumer Culture

Jordan Reznick
Imperceptible Politics: The Photograph and the Aesthetic Experience