Sightlines 2013


Greer Gainer
Making Text without Organs: Illegible Text and the Production of American Graphic Design

Malia Rose Helfmeyer
Who What When Where Why: Ana Teresa Fernandez’s 5Ws and the Discourse of Urban Development in San Francisco’s 5M Project

Ekin Kalayci
Fantasy of the Modern West: Deciphering Images of Western Female Bodies in Early Republican-Era Turkish Popular Magazines (1923–1945)

Emily Kuhlmann
The Artist’s Body as a Site of an Other’s Otherness

Raquel Nakoneczny
Sculpting Presence

Marisa Pushee
The Hand That Grasps: On Anthropocentrism and Becoming in Visual Representations of Nonhuman Animals

Amanda N. Simons
Performance, Place, and Un-United States: Depictions of Queer Marriage in Post-DOMA United States

Henry Witecki
Suddenly Another Me Is Dead: The Art of Tyler, The Creator