Sightlines 2014


Maureen Burdock
Labradoodle or Lion-Snake? Comics as Folkloric Tradition

Alex Fine
Screening the Body, Screening the Soul: Aura Photography as Biometrics of the New Age

Erica Gomez
Dancing with Desire: Chicana Lesbians in Contemporary Cinema

Emily K. Holmes
“What a Racist Camera”: Elucidating the Invisible Norm of Photography

Vanessa Kauffman
Reading Textile: Vernaculars of Kinship in Discourse and Dress

Leora Lutz
Channa Horwitz: Departing Toward Touch

Elizabeth Moran
The Photograph as Evidence: Contingencies and Consequences of Viewing

Dani Neizelt
Collecting Frontier Fantasies: Souvenirs and the National Archive

Michael Rothfeld
A Future Worth Remembering: The Commercial Space Industry, Science Fiction, and the Utopian Break

Dorothy Santos
Marginalized Narratives of the Body in Contemporary New Media Arts

Anton Stuebner
Embodiment Blues: Resensualizing the AIDS Body in Derek Jarman’s Blue

Calder Yates
Contradictory Compassion: Time and Docility in Early First-Aid Demonstrations