Sightlines 2015


Natalie Catasús
Echoes off the Straits of Florida: The Rafts of the Cuban Balseros

Irina Contreras
¡La Bamba Cósmica en las Américas!: The Changing History and Story of Ritchie Valens and La Bamba in the Americas

Rachel Endoso
Cultural Framing: Moving Between Narratives In Search of My Polyvalent America

T.A.E Hoffman
These Colors Only Exist in Your Dreams: Music Video, Hiphop, and Racial Mythmaking

Danielle Jackson
Ralph Lemon’s Cool American Epic

Melissa Miller
The Possible @ BAM/PFA: Artistic Production and Museum Programming in the Experience Society

Omar Mismar
A Poetic Occupation: Artistic Gestures in Zones of Conflict

Colin Partch
Aberrant Voices: Stuttering Orality, and the Performance of Self

Diana Stapleton
Things that Stick: Felicité à deux