2006 Symposium

Clea Badion
When Pigs Fly: Geno Hype and Artistic Autonomy

Charles Beronio
The Supermarket Effect: Sublime Aesthetics in a Material World

Gretchen Coombs
Art, Politics, and the Journey of a Temple

Andrea Dooley
It seemed the Earth Could Not Hold Them: Public Genocide Memorials in Rwanda

LaShaune Fitch
Pattern upon Pattern upon Pattern: Fashion and Politics in Mali

Meredith Goldsmith
Inside the White Cubicle: Spectatorship and Display at the 2004 Art Basel Miami Beach Fair

Katherine Grimme
Death Mask and Life Sentences

Jennifer Jordan
Hip Service: The Business of Being Cool

Boyd Richard
Uprooted: How Redwood Landscapes were Supplanted by Images

Emma Tramposch
Template for Remembering: Contemporary Scrapbooks, Personal Archives, and the Business of Memory