2011 Symposium

Levi Barringer
Other Topologies: Transversal Power Across Maps & Diagrams

Abby Chen
On the Edge of Culture, Two 1.5 Generation Artists in America

Jacqueline Clay
BLACK MONOCHROME: Vanessa Beecroft, Race and the Other

Adeleine Daysor
Painted Objects: Everyday Myths, Peculiar Wallflowers and Watchful Double Takes

Liesa Lietzke
Felt/Seen, I/it: Probing the Body-World Divide through Rebecca Horn’s Extensions

Emily Macenko
The Politics of Representation: Images of Male Homosexuality during the AIDS Crisis

Rob Marks
The Sublime and The Beautiful in Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time

Marta Martinez
Baring Identities: Queer Women of Color in Neo-Burlesque

Leanna Oen
Under the Microscope: Pop Culture Visualizations of DNA

Danielle Sommer
The Instant and the Interval: Further Investigations in Aby Warburg’s Space-Time

Matthew Harrison Tedford
Tactics of Engagement in Art: Politics, Pluralism, and Program

Kristin Timken
Performing Landscapes: The Politics of Possibility

Lia Wilson
Marketing Madness: The Economy of Outsider Art

Carmen Winant
The Artist is the Athlete: Investigating Practice in Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 1-6

Madeleine Zinn
After the Blast: Reframing Motherhood Beyond the Nuclear Family