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Tessa Rumsey

Notes from A Desert Alphabet

If we measure the “somewhere-ness” of cities by the sheer amount of light they radiate across the American Interstate, then Nevada boasts two of our country’s most resplendent: Reno and Las Vegas. Like spastic lights at the end of a dark desert tunnel, Reno and Las Vegas are often a rest stop for truckers, motorists, bikers, and hitchhikers traveling on I-80. And while the dull neon buzz, smorgasbord buffets, and all-night casinos can seem comforting at first, they rarely provide an exhausted traveler with any peace or new vision. As the sun sets over the Marriage Mart and the moon rises over the Divorce Hut, you may end up wishing you were back on a lonely stretch of road with the coyotes.The author has requested that this text not be included in its entirety, as it is currently being considered for publication by another journal. We will provide forwarding information when it becomes available.

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