2011/Fall: The Ecological Imagination


Instructed by Stuart Kendall.

Ecology can be defined as a branch of biology that studies the interrelationships of living organisms and the environments in which they live. As a mode of systems based analysis ecology also describes an approach to our environment and often a mode of environmentalism. But ecological thinking isn’t just for biologists. Designers across the design disciplines interested in sustainability ground their work in ecological thinking. And artists interested in environmentalism and environmental activism use ecological thought to inform both the form and content of their works. This course will study the ecological imagination as it appears in and informs ecological thought, design and art. We will read ecological and environmental philosophy as well as examining works of art and design that exemplify diverse approaches to the problems of ecological thinking and the necessities of sustainability. This will be a course in ecological philosophy, design and aesthetic activism and a study of the presentation of our environment and environmentalism in contemporary culture.