• Build confidence through participation in critical discourse and sustained research
  • Use writing/reading to discover what and how you think
  • Achieve professionalism in a range of argumentation and presentation formats within a rigorous collaborative environment

In the fall of their final year, students enroll in Master’s Project 1 for the purpose of expanding and developing a paper produced in one of their VCS seminars into a Master’s thesis under the supervision of a thesis committee. The Master’s thesis is an essay of publication quality, approximately 30 pages in length. The thesis director(s) and readers from the faculty/field will support the development of the Master’s Thesis. This committee will assess the student’s academic performance to date during a Candidacy Review at the end of the fall semester. The committee will determine whether or not the student has satisfied the thesis component of the requirements for an M.A. in Visual and Critical Studies. Those students who have satisfied the thesis requirement will register for Master’s Project 2 in the spring for completion of the Sightlines and Symposium components of the program’s degree requirements. Upon successful completion of MP1 and MP2 students will receive an M.A. or dual degree.

Written Thesis

Symposium Presentation

Exhibition Posters

Sightlines Journal