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Timothy Moore

Un/Framing the Golden Gate Bridge: 4 Views + 2 Places

The Golden Gate Bridge is a site structured by two distinct places: above the bridge deck and below. Numerous social, economic, and political elements coincide in the Golden Gate Bridge landscape to create the values and meanings—the framings—that direct the Golden Gate Bridge view and define these two places.For this project, I investigate four ascendant framings that influence the experience of looking at the Golden Gate Bridge landscape: national identity, global finance capitalism, circuit tourism, and mainstream preservation. I approach each framing by four principal views from the bridge site: the continental view (east), the Pacific view (west), the city view (south) and the country view (north). Together, the four framings dominate the values and meanings that enable the Golden Gate Bridge to persist and function as a visual system. The framings also direct the qualities and activities of looking in the two places that constitute the Golden Gate Bridge site, above the bridge deck and below.The writing that follows is the introduction to this analysis.

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