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1. Bio: Please include a brief (approximately 150 words or a couple of paragraphs) professional description of yourself, your work, and your interests. This may include your professional past and present, any current projects or new developments within your work, interests, achievements, publications, shows, awards, education, etc.. Be as creative or as formal as you would like—all we are looking for is a page that truly represents where and who you are.

2. Images: You may include a headshot, other less formal images of yourself, your visual work, book covers, covers from publications you’ve contributed to, shows you’ve curated, etc.

3. Links: Feel free to include as many links as you like: to your personal websites, blogs, publications (both online and print), galleries that represent your work, reviews you’ve written or that have been written about you, employer’s sites, residencies, kick-starter projects, FB links, YouTube videos, upcoming shows or events, etc.

4. Contact Info: If you are willing to speak to current or future VCS students, or members of the public who would like to contact you regarding your past or current work, please provide your current contact information. This can be an email address, a link to your website, or both.


Here are a few sample profile pages for inspiration!

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